Glass Houses – Sandra Howard

It is the Sunday after a General Election, and Victoria James is awaiting a call from Downing Street. Part of her is desperate for the phone to ring, part of her is willing it to remain silent. At lunchtime – as confidently predicted by the political press – she received the summons. High office awaits her: it is to be Junior Minister for Housing. Life as she knows it, for her, her husband Barney and their 16-year-old daughter Nattie, will never be quite the same. From the outset, Victoria knows the professional challenges ahead, that her political mettle will be tested to its utmost, that as a young attractive female Minister she will be living firmly in the public eye. But nothing has prepared her for a love affair that throws her completely off-balance, a love affair with a married man so well known in media circles that it can only be a matter of time before everyone knows their secret…

What the press say:

‘Sandra Howard has written a lovely first novel – subtly sexy and crammed with fascinating detail of political high life. Even more remarkably, she has created an enchanting heroine out of a married minister – and how unashamedly we cheer on this heroine as she is dangerously drawn into a passionate affair with an equally attractive and high profile married man’

‘…this paean to middle-flowering lust could be the start of a great Trollope of a career for the author formerly known as Mrs Michael Howard’

“If the litmus test for a political romance is whether you keep turning the pages, Glass Houses passes with distinction and leaves you ready for more.’

‘You’ll love Sandra Howard’s literary debut’

‘Less bonkers than Jilly Cooper and more fun than Joanna Trollope, Sandra Howard is a welcome addition to the modern women’s fiction shelves. The only question is: what the hell took her so long?’

‘a compulsive and surprisingly sexy romp’